CH4x4 Toyota Push Switch Tacoma 3rd Gen Ditch lights Symbol 2



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CH4x4 Toyota Push Switch Tacoma 3rd Gen Ditch lights Symbol 2 is a High Quality 12 Volt Push Switch. This switch allows you to operate any 12 volt accessories, this fits on all late model Toyotas SUV’s and some other model cars, with short circuit protection, the CH4x4 Industries New High Quality 12 volt Push Switch will give you a clean and original style look, they are install in the existing holes that come with the vehicle, and it has a face surface size of 1.54″ x 0.83″ (39 mm x 21 mm).

This switches are made out of heavy duty ABS plastic that will ensure years of service and come in a mate black surface color, the same color as the OEM Switches, All symbols are Laser etched directly onto the switch face using modern high Tech laser engraving equipment to ensure long image life. The switch is an electronic switch rated at 3 Amp’s. Therefore in ALL cases the accessory MUST be wired through a fused relay.


• Toyota Tacoma 2005-2011
• Toyota Tacoma 2012-2015 (Left Side ONLY)
• Toyota Tacoma 2016 (Left Side ONLY)


• The product is manufactured to fit in the OEM space available in your car or truck, simple to install
• Single Pole Single Throw ON – OFF PUSH switch
• Black hard surface rocker.
• Laser etched Legend
• Single upper L.E.D light.
• Single lower L.E.D light.
• Upper light is ON when the switch is pressed IN.
• Lower light can be wired to separate dash light circuit.
• Rated at 3 Amp 12V.
• Wiring diagram supplied with switch


• 1 On-Off Toyota Push Switch
• 1 Connector with cable for easy installation