Racing Stripes Decal - Matte Black


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One permanent vinyl 3 stripe decal in Matte Black Finish - 2.0 inches in height x 8.26 inches. Fits almost anywhere!

All decals are made with Oracle 651 adhesive vinyl, comes with transfer paper for easy installation. Oracal 651 is an Intermediate Vinyl with a thickness of 2.5 mils with a permanent solvent based adhesive. It has a durability up to 6 years for colors, 4 years for transparent and metallics and 3 years for brilliant blue.

Application Tips:
1. Ideal temperature must be between 60°F & 90°F.
2. Do not touch the adhesive backing, oils from your skin will prevent sticking.
3. Before applying decal make sure there is no wax or oily products on the surface